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Here at EMBRO we produce apps for the Android platform making exciting, exhilerating, adrenalin pumping, multi-level games including sidescrollers, shooters, wordplay and educational games. Our non-game apps include a range of quizzes from 80s Pop music through to English Language Learning, lifestyle apps from Zodiac signs to Thai dishes and productivity apps.

Backed with over 30 years development experience and previous work for customers including the UN, IMF, the Whitehouse, the King of Saudi Arabia and UK, USA, Canadian and Thai Governments you can be sure of quality apps. In a world crammed full of thrown together apps, we pride ourselves on producing quality apps.

With apps for young learners, games for teenagers, word play games for the older of us, productivity apps for the professional and lifestyle apps we are sure to have something for you. And best of all, ALL our apps are FREE!

Our catalogue of apps is always expanding so if you can't find an app that's for you now, please bookmark us and visit us again or drop us a line.

All our apps are available on Google Play so you can be sure you are getting vetted apps from a reliable source. To view our current selection of apps here on our website go here or visit us on Google Play or check out our YouTube Channel.

To find out more detailed information and support on any of our apps check out our apps section which include screenshots and videos for each of the apps.



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